iTechnologies,3rd floor, Round building, Norzin Lam.

Who are we?

iTechnologies is a digital transformation company that provides full scale IT consulting, software development and deployment services that help government and business to become more efficient and productive and stay ahead of changing and growing challenges.

Established in 2008, in a small yet competitive market, iTechnologies has emerged as a perferred partner in the IT industry delivering world class eGovernance and Enterprise solutions which enhance service delivery andreduce costs though increased productivity and efficiency gains.



iTechnologies believes in enduring partnerships and active collaboration amongst team members and with Customers.


iTechnologies is committed to delivering workable solutions that meet Customer requirements.


iTechnologies believes that integrity is the cornerstone of building customer relationships.


iTechnologies uses its experience, technology and domain skills to continuously innovate the way we approach problems and provide solutions and guidance to our Customers.



We strive to be the trusted and preferred provider of technology solutions that enable businesses and organizations to succeed.

We BELIEVE that the Customer is the real reason behind our BEING. Therefore, we place the Customers at the Core of all that we do at iTechnologies. Our Customers INSPIRE us to do the best we can. We take our Customer’s requirements and pains, analyze them and innovate by breaking down complex processes into simpler ones with workable solutions. Through the solutions we provide, Customers can gain significant insight into their organizations which enable them, to efficiently and effectively organize, make decisions and grow. Customers can always Expect More from iTechnologies.

Our continued support enables customers to continue using their systems as they scale up and add new processes and functions in their organization.