We have a very diverse customer base and some of them are: 

Asian Development Bank

World Bank


SAARC Development Fund (SDF)

SWISS Development Corporation, Bhutan Office

Google Inc.

Solution Consultants, Nepal

Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC), Bhutan

Ministry of Health, Bhutan

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bhutan

Ministry of Economic Affairs, Bhutan.

Ministry of Information & Communications, Bhutan.

Ministry of Education, Bhutan.

Ministry of Works and Human Settlement, Bhutan.

Ministry of Home & Cultural Affairs, Bhutan.

Bhutan Telecom Ltd.

Bank of Bhutan Ltd.

Druk Holdings & Investments

Anti Corruption Commission of Bhutan

Royal Court of Justice, Bhutan

Druk Link Technologies

Karma Group of Companies

Bio Bhutan

Pelden Group of Companies