Tax Payer Information Call Center

The tax payer information call center system will be integrated with Revenue Administration and Management Information System (RAMIS) to provide helpdesk services to Bhutanese tax payers.


Flight Movement Recording and Charges System

A dashboard based flight movement recording and Charging System.


ICT Management Information System

A centralized HR information system to manage all  ICT professionals working in the Royal Government of Bhutan.


Civil Service Information System

Civil Service Information System (CSIS) is used by the Royal Civil Service Commission to manage all Bhutanese Civil Servants.


Case Management System

The case management system manages updated information of all legal cases registered at all the courts across the country.

Integrated Information System Modules

These modules are developed as part of the NGO ERP.


School Performance Management System

The online school performance management system is used to collect and manage performance-based information and scorecardsfrom schools across the country.


Youth Service Management Information System

The Youth Service MIS is used to manage information related to Youth Services provided by the Government of Bhutan.


Water and Sanitation Monitoring System

The web-based Water and Sanitation Monitoring System manageswater and sanitation information of 22 towns. The information is used for monitoring of availability and quality of water.


Web Based Database for Cultural Heritage

This web-based database captures tangible and intangible heritage asset information, storage heritage information, making search of heritage information from across the country possible.


Determination of Requirement of Government Wide Inventory Information ManagementSystem

Consulting work to determine the requirements of Government Wide Inventory Management system to manage the information related to the inventory management across the country. Inventory management flow for both consumable inventory and asset inventory.

eGIF Publication Portal

A web portal to publish eGIF content and eGIF compliance assessment form.


Enhancement of Bhutan Licensing Portal (G2B)

The portal contains information on licenses, the details on license, issuing agency, the requirements, access to forms, rules, regulations, and guidelines, to business licensing process in Bhutan.



A web-based application for RSTA to maintain information related to all vehicle registration and ownership and those pertaining to road safety system in Bhutan.


Thromde Revenue Administration and Digitized Asset Register

Online application that manages tax and non-tax revenue of municipalities and digitized asset database for 2 of the largest municipalities, Thimphu and Phuntsholing in Bhutan.


Online Asset Declaration System

An online application to allow Bhuatnese citizens to declare their assets and incomes in compliance to the Anti Corruption Act of Bhutan.


Google Street View

Imagery collection by automatic camera mounted on and in cars that are customized by Google for the Street View Program.


Office Procedure Automation

Office Procedure Automation System to manage the flow of letters and documents amongst different units/division within the Corporate structure.


Hospital Information System

Implementing partner for JDWNRH’s Hospital Information system, that covers end-end functions in a multi-specialty hospital moving towards generating electronic medical records.


Office Automation System

Web based, customised office automation system for SAARC Development Fund Secretariat which includes modules for management of source of fund, project funding and loan management, purchase and inventory, human resource and payroll, financial accounting, document management and hard mail (DAK) management.


Education Portal

Consulting work to determine the requirements of the Education Portal, which would serve as the information and services gateway for information related and service access gateway for Ministry of Education.


SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway deployment for the Bank of Bhutan for its SMS banking service.


Stock Exchange Automation Consultancy

Development of requirements for the Stock Exchange platform for Royal Securities Exchange of Bhutan.