Product Implementation

Choosing the right technology is key. We must then have the right partner to implement the system and put it into production.

At iTechnologies, our Product Implementation services help you implement the right solution for your environment, whether it’s implementing an ERP system or tailor made software solution. Using a methodology centered on quality assurance, our team will install and configure products in your environment according to the manufacturers’ specifications. We will test the product for interoperability and provide maintenance support management as required.

  • Our product implementation roadmap is highlighted by the following phases.
  • Project Planning and Preparation
  • Business Process Assessment and Readiness
  • Product Evaluation and Readiness
  • Infrastructure Readiness
  • Interfaces Readiness
  • Product Testing
  • Data Readiness and Migration Planning
  • Operation Readiness
  • Organizational Readiness
  • Support Plan in Place
  • Contingency Plan in Place

We have also implemented Google Apps for some leading Enterprises.