Application Development

At iTechnologies, we adopt best practise in application development. We deliver what the Customer needs by determining their requirements through in-depth business and process analysis, bringing in domain experts as required and ensuring rapid development, testing and implementation through tight project management. We provide post implementation support and change management to ensure the usability and relevance of the system with time.

The applications we develop enables the Customer to become more customer-centric through business insights and process improvements. It also makes our Customer more fficient and productive resulting in cost and time savings. It brings accountability in the work place through increased transparency and provides quick access to information to managers to help in decision making,  business analysis, future planning and market research amongst others.

Technology Platforms

We have developed expertise in Open Source Technology Stack (PHP frameworks and J2EE frameworks) and Microsoft Technology Stack (Dot Net Framework), CRM and ecommerce applications and other open source technologies.

We have developed applications in Microsoft Dot Net framework with MS SQL Server at back end. We leverage the inherent capabilities of development framework for implementation of business workflow and security implementation. We extensively use Microsoft Enterprise Library and Workflow Foundation for business workflow in the software applications.

Some applications are developed in FOSS (Free and Open Source Systems) with LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP), LAPP (Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL and PHP), or WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL (Postgresql), PHP). We leverage on the advantages and framework implementation in Zend Framework, CakePHP and Symphony Framework.

Java platform on J2EE framework along with MVC architecture is being used in application where platform independent systems are planned. Hibernate is used for connectivity with database to separate the application layer from Database layer. Commonly used backend database for Java Platform based enterprise applications are Oracle and PostgreSQL with application servers as Apache Tomcat, JBoss and Weblogic.

Development Methodology

All clients do not have the same requirements. To meet the unique needs and requirements of our clients, iTechnologies provides application development services for customized software solutions. Designing and developing software is a complex process which requires discipline and a proper roadmap. We follow best practise software project processes, which ensures that the project progresses smoothly involving all the stakeholders.

  • Custom application development for government agencies and business enterprises which involves participation in tendering or through process consultation
  • Large complex projects involve adherence to SDLC with agile project management practices
  • Small applications are results of process consulting services to business units

Our project process practice involves:

  • Project Inception identification of project stakeholders, team formation, identification of project manager, detailed activities scheduling and initial risk assessment
  • Requirements Gathering and Analysis Our project team works in close coordination with all stakeholders for identification of requirements, development of scope statement, document requirement and identify relevant risk, develop system requirement specifications that includes UI specifications, logic specifications, usability specifications and functionality of system
  • UI, Class and Database Design – Design of User Interfaces (UI) as per the specifications, design and document class diagrams for underlying business logic and design database schema. At times nonfunctional prototype development is considered for approval of system to provide feel of the system early on.
  • Development Adopt agile approaches to development of system based on the developed specifications and designs. We adopt SCRUM approach to development to ensure stakeholder requirements are captured to maximum
  • Application Testing iTechnologies project team conducts testing of developed application based on Test Plan which includes; functional testing against specifications, QA testing, Load and accessibility testing, and security audit
  • System Implementation and Launch Assist client to prepare hosting infrastructure and implement system at client premises. Based on the complexity of system, system launch planning is done and accordingly system is launched
  • Post Implementation Support – We provide warranty support and follow up AMC services along with Change Management Services.