API Integration and Microservices

API Integration and Microservices

API Integration
The demand for seamless data availability across platforms, consumers, and services is driving the need for a more integrated and collaborative IT ecosystem. New applications need to be integrated with existing ones. Same digital assets need to be shared across various consumers be it government agencies, service providers, or citizens. As we live in a more interdependent and integrated world, the API (Application Programming Interface) Integration becomes critical to harness the potential of Digitalization, through integrated innovative and efficient Digital solutions.

We provide API Integration services to integrate various applications/services within an agency and also to expose and integrate with external systems, with due consideration of security risks.

For complex applications, we deploy the microservice architecture during development to break up the services/products through small and manageable building blocks called ‘microservices’. This distributed architecture that connects many small services rather than the large ones, is more efficient, more flexible, has decentralized data management, and is more resilient to failure.

The microservices can then be delivered through an application programming interface (API).